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La Vie En Bleu

Length:45.33 ftYear:2008

Price:340,000.00 [USD]

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Sea Star

Length:35.0 ftYear:1995

Price:64,500.00 [USD]

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What Ever Will Be

Length:38.0 ftYear:1998

Price:125,900.00 [USD]

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Length:30.0 ftYear:1981

Price:18,900.00 [USD]

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Length:35.5 ftYear:2005

Price:87,500.00 [USD]

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Bill Shuman

Length:63.5 ftYear:2013

Price:1,500,000.00 [USD]

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Bar Hopper

Length:41.0 ftYear:1981

Price:80,000.00 [USD]

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Knot Pressed

Length:50.08 ftYear:2012

Price:469,900.00 [USD]

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Length:56.5 ftYear:2014

Price:0.00 [USD]

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Oceanis 41

Length:40.58 ftYear:2012

Price:245,000.00 [USD]

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